I believe love - romantic, friendship, family - is the important and powerful thing in our lives.  In fact, my belief of that is so strong that I got it tattooed on my shoulder!  The love you two have for each other, the love your family and friends have for you, and you for them, is what I capture in your wedding photos.  Whether its just the two of you, or over two hundred, I will capture the genuine emotions, unscripted moments, special people, and important details that all come together to make your day unforgettable, so that you can experience your wedding day over and over again.

I’m a Californian, born and raised, who has lived in 7 different countries on 5 different continents, and moved to Vancouver when I fell in love with a Canadian. I have three stepsons, who only like their photo being taken when they are playing sports. In my free time I do community activist work, volunteer at a homeless shelter on the downtown eastside, have dinner-and-a-movie dates with my husband, and video chat with my best friends in California.

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away."

~Eudora Welty

Other loves:

Traveling / especially to other countries / reading / sunshine / action-adventure movies / smashing the patriarchy / live music / Disneyland / vegetarian food / fancy cocktails / cats / dogs / all animals really / scuba diving / learning languages / Harry Potter / being in nature / especially the sea / stand-up comedy  / car dancing / making mixtapes / football / edible gardening / exclamation marks / inspiring quotes