North Vancouver engagement giveaway!

For all you North Vancouver newly engaged couples – I’m thrilled to announce I’ve joined up with Teckfitness and Makeup by Kerry Waring to offer an amazing giveaway!  For couples committed to getting healthy together, we are teaming up to give away a great package to motivate you!

Jenny Tecklenburg will coach the two of you through some personal training and prepare you a personalized workout plan, and to reward you for all of your hard workouts, you’ll enjoy a a full engagement photography session by me after being glammed up by Kerry Waring!

To win, like and follow us on Facebook / Instagram, and share your story of what makes the two of you the most committed!

graphic explaining how to win a giveaway for personal training, makeup, and an engagement photography session in North Vancouver


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Queen Elizabeth Park anniversary photos

adorable and happy black couple hugging on their anniversary

S & B chose to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary with a photo session in Queen Elizabeth Park, in Vancouver. Here is a sneak peek of some of the images from the session!  We had a great time and I really enjoyed meeting the family. Their four adorable daughters joined us for the session and were perfect models throughout the day, cheering on their parents, and insisted on helping me carry my bags.

We met at Queen Elizabeth Park, which is lovely any time of year. I love the waterfall – I know it’s small, but I can’t resist a waterfall! – and the ponds give such great opportunities for reflection shots. For mid-December, we were lucky enough to just miss the rain – it started sprinkling on us at the very end. Having anniversary photos taken is something I totally recommend – it’s always nice to have updated photos, and photos in normal clothing don’t date as fast – and can be more “you” – than photos of you in your wedding attire.

smiling and happy black couple standing on a bridge in the park in Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park anniversary photos on the bridge

Given the short daylight hours this time of year, the overcast day, and the angle of light in the garden, we wound up using a lot of additional lighting in the images.   We finished up at 4:30, just in time for the family to head back home for their limo pickup to take them to dinner.

kissing pond reflection shot for 10 year anniversary photos

Kissing in reflection

S and B are the kind of married couple we all aspire to be – still clearly in love, totally attracted to each other (can you blame them?!) and great partners in managing their four daughters.   S and B also included their daughters in many of the photos, as it was important to them to document the family that grew from their marriage. They included “Auntie V” as well, who has become a member of the family through helping to take care of the children.

black man kissing the cheek of his beautiful black wife on their 10th year anniversary as she smiles

Still enamored after 10 years!


So grateful to S & B for choosing me to capture their anniversary photos!

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Looking for a couple for a styled proposal shoot!

Are you ready to propose?!  Etienne Events and I are looking for someone ready to propose who would love assistance planning a beautiful, unique proposal in exchange for willingness for us to publish the photos.  You will also receive photos of the proposal!  We are looking for people in the lower mainland who have some ideas about their proposal, but are also willing to be flexible with incorporating our suggestions.   If this sounds like you, or a friend you have, please get in touch!

image of an interracial couple laughing

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LoveHer event in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada

LoveHer is “a fashionable evening” to raise funds to fight against ovarian cancer, and I was honored to be a photography sponsor of this year’s event, along with the very talented MJ of BetterSweet Photography and Keenan from Brown Design.

This year’s event was planned with the assistance of event planning dynamos Laura and Chloe of Effervescent Events and held at the beautiful Fairmont Waterfront and was a fantastic time.

Personal highlights included watching speed painter Dan Dunn entertain and awe us all with his lightning-fast painting, jokes, and singing; model Elly Mayday moving the crowd with an emotional and inspiring speech, and the fashion show with beautiful local models and outfits from Marilyn’s of West Vancouver.

I also enjoyed checking out the amazing auction items donated from a list of high-end stores in Vancouver, including art galleries and jewelers, The Glamoury lip station, and there was also a super fun wine wall game that I couldn’t resist playing! There was a wall of wine bottles in bags, going up to $300 in price. For $20 you chose a cork, and at the end of the night you found out which wines you’d won.   I didn’t win anything super expensive, but it was fun anyway and the money goes to a great cause!

The food and drink looked great too, although I didn’t have time to eat or drink anything!    I’m shamefully clueless when it comes to recognizing all the local personalities, but I did notice our CBC’s Man About Town Fred Lee, who I’ve met at events for First United homeless shelter, where I’ve been volunteering for years.

Have a look at some photos from the event!


collage of local celebrities and personalities at a gala

Vancouver celebrities and beautiful people come out to support Ovarian Cancer Canada


collage of wine in wine bags and corks attached to a magnet board

Loved this wine wall game!


model Elly Mayday giving speech at a podium receiving an award

Elly Mayday gave a moving and powerful acceptance speech


speed painter and entertainer in front of speed painting of an orca in front of the Vancouver skyline

Dan Dunn wowed the crowd with this speed painting of an orca in front of the Vancouver skyline


crowd singing and enjoying themselves

Dan Dunn also got everyone singing!


models having a good time backstage before fashion show

Models ready to go on stage for the fashion show!

models walking up and down a catwalk

the fashion show from Marilyn’s of West Vancouver made us all want to go shopping!


5 foot tall light up letters spelling out LOVE

the giant love letters were a perfect backdrop for portraits!


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How to Incorporate Your Newly Blended Family into Your Wedding

A big thank you to Rebecca Harrington for today’s guest post!

Incorporating Your Newly Blended Family into Your Wedding

A little under a year ago, I was a part of my own father’s wedding as one of his two “groomsmen” and my sister was his other. We agreed on the title “Best-Gals” in place of Best Man. I was also part of my own mother’s wedding when I was four, for the more traditional role of Flower Girl – also shared with my sister. I can say from experience that involving your family members, whether they are children or adults, fills the day with all the more love and can create bonds that will last a lifetime. After all, for most people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives, why not include those who love you and support your union?

I have been to non-traditional and traditional weddings alike. One where there was a Man of Honour, one where I was a Best Gal, a small wedding on a pier with just the bride, the groom, her children, and her mother, another wedding that was tucked away in the woods and was officiated by a shaman, and of course many large, traditional weddings with large wedding parties in gardens and churches. Regardless of age or relation, there are so many clever ways to incorporate your family into your wedding.

Flower Girls/Ring Bearers

adorable Asian flower girl coming down the stairs

Include your daughter or stepdaughter as a flower girl in your blended family wedding

This is probably the most obvious and most traditional way to include children in your wedding. There are many reasons to have children in your wedding. Maybe your kids came before your marriage, maybe it’s your second marriage, or maybe you have nieces and nephews to include.

Wedding Party

For adult family members, this is another traditional way to include family in your special day. If you are an older couple with grown children, asking them to be part of your wedding party is a great way to include them in your day, make them feel cherished and honoured, and have them work together and get to know each other a bit better leading up to the big day as well.

Master of Ceremonies

Not every wedding has an MC, but I have found that weddings that do, tend to flow smoothly and stay on track. Designating one of your family members to MC your wedding and help guide guests where needed, when needed. Having someone who knows both the bride and groom MC the wedding can really bring warmth to the day as they can incorporate stories of you both into their speeches.


This role is perfect for the children who may be too old for flower girl or ring bearer status, but too young to be part of the wedding party. Having your pre-teenaged children, cousins, nieces, and nephews greet your guests, show them where to sit, hand out itineraries and party favours will make them feel like they are a big part of your day. A social child would particularly love this role as they will get to say hello to virtually everyone.

Utilize their talents

If someone in your family is a fantastic baker, photographer, planner, or even bartender, let them know that you would be honoured if they could provide their service for your big day. Just remember, that often for these people, it’s the only way that they make their living, so they may expect to be hired and paid. However, if you know it’s more of a hobby for them, or that they might be willing to provide their talents in lieu of a more tangible gift, then by all means, ask away. Besides, it could mean big referrals for their business if you make sure to remember to thank them in your speech or have the MC make mention of their gift.

Wedding Shower Organizing

This traditionally falls to the Maid of Honour or Mother of the Bride. For any number of reasons, those two people may be unavailable or already overwhelmed with other tasks, in which case, designating this to your sister, grown daughter, or a cousin is a great way to incorporate a family member into the festivities who otherwise wouldn’t be involved.

Party Favour Party

Often party favours, centerpieces, and flowers need to be assembled in the days leading up to the wedding. Make it fun and invite your family to help. This is a great time to socialize with family from out of town as well since it’s usually done a couple days before the big day and some members may have already arrived. Provide some light refreshments, put on some music, and get to work!

Unity Ceremony

Many couples perform some kind of unity ceremony to symbolize their union. This can be done by mixing two colours of sand into a larger keepsake jar, using two candles to light one larger candle, or and a number of creative ways that create a physical manifestation of two becoming one. But as more and more marriages are involving blended families, more and more people are including their family members in this practice. Instead of having two colours of sand, have one colour for each family member and have each person take turns pouring the sand into one large jar or get creative and have each person drizzle or splash their colour on a canvas to be hung in your family home – just be sure to mind your suits!


There is a growing trend in the wedding community when it comes to saying vows. Many new step-parents are writing and saying vows to their new family members to include them and publically declare that they are not only marrying the children’s parent, but also vowing to become one family until death as well. This is a touching tribute and often evokes a lot of emotion at the ceremony, especially for the children involved. There is nothing like being told that you will be loved and cherished for the rest of your life when you are so young. This is sure to create a great bond between your children and your new spouse, or your spouse’s children and yourself.


Some couples like to choreograph a dance routine to entertain their guests. Why not do one that includes your new stepchildren? If choreographing a whole routine isn’t your thing, maybe you would prefer to have your daughter ask if she may cut in during your first dance to dance with her new stepfather or have his son cut in to dance with you. Another option is to have the children choreograph their own routine, which will give them a chance to bond and work together as a unit in the weeks leading up to the wedding.


Bride holding her daughter and posing with grandparents on wedding day

Make sure to take wedding photos with your children

Last but certainly not least, there are an unlimited number of ways to creatively incorporate your new family by documenting your special day in photographs. Have a browse through Pinterest or ask your photographer for creative ideas that can incorporate your family in this way.

There are really no limits to the number of roles or activities that you can use to include your blended family into your big day and what better way is there to symbolize to them and the rest of your guests, that you are now one big family, then by having them be part of the day in one way or another.

The main things to keep in mind is to choose things that you need but that they will find joy in as well. Keep it fun and be creative. You could even ask them what ideas they have in mind. They might surprise you!

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